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Facebook: Microsoft deja vu?

There are increasing parallels between Microsoft’s strategy in the 1990s and Facebook’s today. Microsoft didn’t rise to the top of the industry by being nice. Whenever they could, they expanded aggressively, seized opportunities, and eliminated any potential competitors. In particular, Microsoft pushed their solutions, applications and APIs on to the market. When the network effects started to play in their favor during the tornado phase, they ignored normal market rules […]

Facebook: the black hole that will engulf the Internet?

It is hard to overestimate the effect of Facebook, the social media giant that has been jokingly called the Death Star. Every player in the Internet sector – from mobile operators to Amazon, Google and eBay – needs a strategy for how to relate to and handle the competition from Facebook.

With 300 million unique visitors per month and counting, Facebook is now the fourth largest website in the world. The growth […]