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Digital consumers – free trend forecasting from communication agencies

We all know that digital is massively invading and disrupting all industries. One indicator of this development is that part of the mainstream advertising industry finally seems to be embracing digital.

The “ad” industry is not just the creative part. It is also comprised of PR-firms, market researchers, insight, database marketers, and specialists in digital and lifestyle trends. The major players in the industry (WPP, Omnicom, Publicis Groupe, and IPG) are […]

New UI/UX after Apple’s iPhone/iPad

Sometimes I get the impression that the industry believes the iPhone and iPad represent the pinnacle of human technology. Even though the majority of the market attention is on these form factors, several new UI technologies are already out of the labs. These technologies have the potential to disrupt the traditional smartphone/tablet market and might pave the way for new types of products.

Here are a few examples that point toward […]

Ahonen: “This is the golden age of mobile”

The mobile guru and former Nokia executive Tomi Ahonen has released his new book ‘The Insider’s Guide to Mobile‘ as a free ebook for download. It is an excellent overview of the mobile industry and mobile market opportunity. Its tech evangelism style can be slightly annoying but he presents rather compelling arguments to back up his claims. For example, that there are 3.7 billion unique users of mobile, almost twice […]

Trend forecasting for 2010

With the arrival of the New Year, trend forecasting firms have compiled lists of trends to watch during 2010. JWT Intelligence (the research arm of the American marketing communications giant JWT) has compiled a list of 100 things to watch in 2010. A similar compilation is available from

I think they both covered it well. There is a mixture of tech trends, cultural value shifts in society, consumer trends, food trends, […]

The Mag+ from Bonnier: an eReader to replicate the magazine experience

The Swedish media house Bonnier has developed an eReader concept for magazines that has received considerable media attention (shown in the video demo below):

It seems that they actually got it right, but I can already hear the criticism from the Net camp: don’t try to replicate a dying format, single purpose gadgets will limit the infinite choice for the users and be rejected, old media is dead, an RSS feed is […]

Amazing ways to interface with your computer

Eventually the mouse and keyboard will be replaced as our primary way of interfacing with the digital world by something else. Voice input, and pen/finger based touch screens are the most well-known candidates but there are several other more advanced technologies being developed.

One example is I-Tech’s Virtual Keyboard (introduced in 2005) with a red laser that projects a keyboard on to any surface. You type and the sensors will detect […]

“Delete” – a new thought-provoking book about the Net and Information Policy

What will happen to society and the individual if everything is remembered forever and nothing is forgotten? This thought-provoking question is addressed by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger (information policy professor, National University of Singapore) in the book “Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age” (Princeton Univ. Press 2009). His pessimistic answer is that:

“Perfect, comprehensive digital memory denies human beings the ability to grow, to change, and to evolve […]

The hidden gems – profitable Japanese component makers

The Economist recently ran an excellent article (“Japan’s technology champions – Invisible but indispensable”) about successful medium size Japanese companies that are global market leaders in proprietary high-tech components. As their unique capabilities are so hard to replicate they can enjoy stable and very high profits year after year.

The article mentions several examples of companies that in Japan are labeled chuken kigyo (strong, medium-sized firm). For example, the unknown company […]

A privacy backlash on its way: telcos will be in center of the storm

After 9/11 it was inevitable that the trade-off between civil liberties and security would shift in favor of security. The thinking of this period can neatly be summarized in a quote by Tony Blair who said something like “if there is a new terrorist attack, people will not ask why we infringed on civil liberties but why we didn’t do more to prevent this from happening”.

However, almost a decade after […]

EU Telecom Package: a repeat of copyright lobby strategy from the 90s

The conflict between the tech industry and the copyright lobby has been going on since the 1990s. The current controversy surrounding the EU Telecom Package is very similar to the fight that took place in 1999 when the EU Copyright Directive (2001/29/EC) was put to a vote in the EU Parliament.

At that time the copyright lobby (led by MEP Roberto Barzanti) almost succeeded in enacting an amendment (Article 5.1 ”on […]

Open House with Mobile Life in Stockholm

The research center Mobile Life at Stockholm University had an open house in March 2009 (this is a translation of my Swedish blog post from March 7th) with keynotes, mingles and demos of their prototypes for new mobile services. The center has been operational for two years and is one of 15 centers of excellence that won ten year funding by the government agency Vinnova.

The projects conducted by Mobile Life […]

Welcome to the English version of my blog

The WordPress plug-in for multi-language blogs I have been waiting for (WPML) is now reasonably stable and I can launch the blog in English. Sidebars, tagline and widgets are not yet adaptable for dual language versions but that will hopefully be fixed soon. To begin with, I will translate most of my Swedish posts and that will take some time. For future blog posts, my plan is to simultaneously publish […]