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5G reality check – who wants to pay for 1 millisecond latency?

Pointing toward the future (Ericsson CEO, MWC Barcelona)


Bold targets, but is the industry
promising more than it can deliver?

The mobile industry’s vision documents for 5G mobile are promising fantastic leaps in performance over current networks (links below). But as 5G evolves over the coming 10 to 15 years, it will most likely be a repeat of the pattern seen in 3G and 4G mobile.

The first step in […]

Embedded SIMs will take mobility to the next level

SIM Cards, soon to become an outdated technology


MNOs, fear not. Embedded SIMs will open up new markets and use cases, not destroy the operators


Traditional SIM technology has been around for nearly 25 years and the operators view them as a critical control point for customer ownership. Due to the risk of losing the M2M market to competing unlicensed LPWAN technologies (and pressure from strong handset vendors), […]

Nuisance calls will kill landline voice

Few people in the tech sector care about landline voice these days but for landline operators it’s still a significant (though declining) cash cow, and will be for years to come. Mismanaging this service could provoke a customer stampede away from landline voice. If BT and the other UK landline service providers can’t stop the deluge of nuisance calls that have flooded British customers over the last few years, the […]

Exorbitant data roaming as an n-person Prisoner’s Dilemma

One of the major hurdles for further growth of mobile data services, and LBS in particular, is the exorbitant data traffic fees customers incur when using their phones abroad.

Corporate users can pretend that the service is free but their employers certainly notice if the mobile Net bill is larger than the hotel bill. In the private market segment, price sensitivity is much higher. Prices have to come down for this […]

Skype traffic up 50% in one year, has 12% of international calling minutes

Skype is now the undisputed market leader in international voice traffic with a 12% market share. More info here.

A privacy backlash on its way: telcos will be in center of the storm

After 9/11 it was inevitable that the trade-off between civil liberties and security would shift in favor of security. The thinking of this period can neatly be summarized in a quote by Tony Blair who said something like “if there is a new terrorist attack, people will not ask why we infringed on civil liberties but why we didn’t do more to prevent this from happening”.

However, almost a decade after […]

The missing function in mobile voicemail

Have the mobile operators overlooked how customers use the Forwarding To Voicemail function when a call is not answered? If someone calls your mobile and you don’t answer, the call is forwarded to your voicemail after a few rings. I find it very irritating that I can’t set the time to more than 30 seconds before the call is forwarded.

There are a number of situations where 30 seconds is simply […]

EU Telecom Package: a repeat of copyright lobby strategy from the 90s

The conflict between the tech industry and the copyright lobby has been going on since the 1990s. The current controversy surrounding the EU Telecom Package is very similar to the fight that took place in 1999 when the EU Copyright Directive (2001/29/EC) was put to a vote in the EU Parliament.

At that time the copyright lobby (led by MEP Roberto Barzanti) almost succeeded in enacting an amendment (Article 5.1 ”on […]

Net Neutrality: AT&T blocks unwanted traffic types in their mobile network

Many critics of the EU Telecom Package have feared that the principle of Net Neutrality will be undermined and abandoned. One example of this is TeliaSonera, which has blocked VoIP and P2P file sharing in their cheaper Swedish data plans Mobilsurf Bas and Mobilsurf Alltid.

In May, AT&T also limited their mobile data traffic. In their new user terms AT&T states that email access, mobile surfing, and intranet access is allowed. […]

It took five years – Skype largest in the world

Traffic data from Telegeography shows that Skype has eight percent of the international voice traffic market. This makes Skype the largest actor in the world when it comes to international voice (which includes both POTS voice and VoIP from Skype and others). During 2008 the number of Skype traffic minutes grew with 41 percent and the growth is bound to continue. It has only been five years since Skype launched. […]

Google Voice is launched: the market Verizon missed

Almost two years after Google bought the startup GrandCentral they have now launched their repackaged services under the brand Google Voice on the U.S. market. With Google Voice you can manage your telephony via the web and they have developed a suite of interesting but rather obvious services around call forwarding and voicemail. Google Voice is an example of the emerging market for Telecom2, a market that already contains a […]

Welcome to the English version of my blog

The WordPress plug-in for multi-language blogs I have been waiting for (WPML) is now reasonably stable and I can launch the blog in English. Sidebars, tagline and widgets are not yet adaptable for dual language versions but that will hopefully be fixed soon. To begin with, I will translate most of my Swedish posts and that will take some time. For future blog posts, my plan is to simultaneously publish […]