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Groupthink and Apple envy: the consumer tech industry’s biggest problem

Missing: a strong premium brand that is not Apple

The majority of players in the mainstream consumer tech industry are struggling with intense competition, slowing growth and squeezed margins. Despite rapid technological innovation and huge sales volumes, it is difficult for them to differentiate and build premium brands.

Though the total market size is large, the variation in design and form factor between the competitors’ products is smaller than […]

The smartphone makers’ dilemma

Smartphone flagship battle (Apple vs Samsung)

The market for flagship smartphones is the most cut-throat tech market in the world. The stakes are enormous, product life cycles are incredibly short and rivalry is intense. The top ten players are constantly reminded of the fates of fallen giants on this battle field.

The smartphone market is full of contradictions. In some respects, it appears to be a commoditized mass market. At […]

Millimeter wave transmission – are secretive financial firms leapfrogging 5G and the wireless industry?

Low latency wireless microwave links between financial centers (London-Frankfurt)

Over the last few years, a new breed of specialised service providers have been offering low latency wireless Point-to-Point networks between financial centers. But for the High Frequency Trading (HFT) firms who use these services, fast is not enough. To beat the competition, they want their connection to be faster than everyone else.

Secretive cash rich financial trading firms are already […]

Laptop makers complain they can’t differentiate – how about a decent keyboard?


Almost all mainstream laptops today come with versions of the same badly designed keyboard. The first laptop maker who takes UI/UX seriously and builds a better keyboard will gain a significant competitive advantage over its competitors.

After recently helping a relative buy a new laptop, I am left puzzled by the OEMs apparent indifference to one of the most essential parts of a computer: the keyboard. It may be […]

Apple don’t understand the luxury market – the $17,000 Apple Watch Edition could damage Apple’s brand

The $17.000 Apple Watch Edition in rose gold

There are two fundamental flaws in the way Apple have positioned the $10,000 to $17,000 Apple Watch Edition. First, a luxury product that will be obsolete after one year contradicts the luxury market’s fundamental logic of permanence and long lasting value. Instead, the Apple Watch Edition risks being perceived as an ostentatious display of money today, and an embarrassingly outdated item […]

Digital consumers – free trend forecasting from communication agencies

We all know that digital is massively invading and disrupting all industries. One indicator of this development is that part of the mainstream advertising industry finally seems to be embracing digital.

The “ad” industry is not just the creative part. It is also comprised of PR-firms, market researchers, insight, database marketers, and specialists in digital and lifestyle trends. The major players in the industry (WPP, Omnicom, Publicis Groupe, and IPG) are […]

New UI/UX after Apple’s iPhone/iPad

Sometimes I get the impression that the industry believes the iPhone and iPad represent the pinnacle of human technology. Even though the majority of the market attention is on these form factors, several new UI technologies are already out of the labs. These technologies have the potential to disrupt the traditional smartphone/tablet market and might pave the way for new types of products.

Here are a few examples that point toward […]

Finale at Startup

Last night the entrepreneurial training program Startup at STING/KTH Innovation had its finale with the thirteen selected teams presenting their business plans. The Startup program is a first step in starting your own company and you can apply even before you have a company set up. It is a way to test the viability of your idea before actually taking the big leap.

I think that the general level of the […]

Revisiting Blue Ocean Strategy – still a fad

Recently, I reread the 2005 book “Blue Ocean Strategy”. I was unimpressed when I first read it and a second reading only reinforced my first impression. The book is mostly a compilation of already existing models and theories mixed with common sense insight. However, the authors should be given credit for the compelling tagline “Blue Ocean Strategy”. Who wouldn’t want to sail into a new, large untapped market – a […]

Amazing ways to interface with your computer

Eventually the mouse and keyboard will be replaced as our primary way of interfacing with the digital world by something else. Voice input, and pen/finger based touch screens are the most well-known candidates but there are several other more advanced technologies being developed.

One example is I-Tech’s Virtual Keyboard (introduced in 2005) with a red laser that projects a keyboard on to any surface. You type and the sensors will detect […]

The hidden gems – profitable Japanese component makers

The Economist recently ran an excellent article (“Japan’s technology champions – Invisible but indispensable”) about successful medium size Japanese companies that are global market leaders in proprietary high-tech components. As their unique capabilities are so hard to replicate they can enjoy stable and very high profits year after year.

The article mentions several examples of companies that in Japan are labeled chuken kigyo (strong, medium-sized firm). For example, the unknown company […]

Paving the way for Swedish startup entrepreneurs

Sweden needs more bold entrepreneurs who dare to start new businesses. Unfortunately, Sweden comes out at the bottom in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor that measures entrepreneurial activity. On the other hand, Sweden comes out on top in the EU study “European Innovation Scoreboard 2008” for having the best innovation performance in the EU. The background to this paradox is an economy with a regulatory framework adapted for salaried employees in […]

Verification, a substitute for seed financing

One of the many hurdles for startups and entrepreneurs in Sweden has been the shortage of investment capital for seed financing. In the very first stages of a new company the capital requirement can be as little as a below 50,000 Euros.

In countries such as the US entrepreneurs have often been able to raise the small amounts that are needed by taking out a second mortgage on their house, or […]

It took five years – Skype largest in the world

Traffic data from Telegeography shows that Skype has eight percent of the international voice traffic market. This makes Skype the largest actor in the world when it comes to international voice (which includes both POTS voice and VoIP from Skype and others). During 2008 the number of Skype traffic minutes grew with 41 percent and the growth is bound to continue. It has only been five years since Skype launched. […]

Google Voice is launched: the market Verizon missed

Almost two years after Google bought the startup GrandCentral they have now launched their repackaged services under the brand Google Voice on the U.S. market. With Google Voice you can manage your telephony via the web and they have developed a suite of interesting but rather obvious services around call forwarding and voicemail. Google Voice is an example of the emerging market for Telecom2, a market that already contains a […]