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5G reality check – who wants to pay for 1 millisecond latency?

Pointing toward the future (Ericsson CEO, MWC Barcelona)


Bold targets, but is the industry
promising more than it can deliver?

The mobile industry’s vision documents for 5G mobile are promising fantastic leaps in performance over current networks (links below). But as 5G evolves over the coming 10 to 15 years, it will most likely be a repeat of the pattern seen in 3G and 4G mobile.

The first step in […]

The hidden gems – profitable Japanese component makers

The Economist recently ran an excellent article (“Japan’s technology champions – Invisible but indispensable”) about successful medium size Japanese companies that are global market leaders in proprietary high-tech components. As their unique capabilities are so hard to replicate they can enjoy stable and very high profits year after year.

The article mentions several examples of companies that in Japan are labeled chuken kigyo (strong, medium-sized firm). For example, the unknown company […]

Welcome to the English version of my blog

The WordPress plug-in for multi-language blogs I have been waiting for (WPML) is now reasonably stable and I can launch the blog in English. Sidebars, tagline and widgets are not yet adaptable for dual language versions but that will hopefully be fixed soon. To begin with, I will translate most of my Swedish posts and that will take some time. For future blog posts, my plan is to simultaneously publish […]