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About me

lnd-greysc-180pxShort Bio:

Independent consultant and industry analyst with a background in venture capital investments, strategy consulting, research at Stockholm School of Economics and KTH, scenario planning and horizon scanning, together with competitive intelligence for the HQ of TeliaSonera.
Longer Bio (a selection of things I have done):

Currently: strategy analyst for the seed stage VC fund STING Capital, which invests in ICT/mobile, internet/media, medtech, and cleantech. Have mostly worked with strategy and business plans for the portfolio companies.

In the project Wireless Foresight we developed 10+ year scenarios for the mobile industry. The project was initiated by Wireless@KTH and was a joint effort between Stockholm School of Economics, Boston Consulting Group, TeliaSonera and Ericsson Research. I am co-author of the book “Wireless Foresight”, published by Wiley.

During the dot-com boom I worked as Strategy Consultant in a boutique consultancy (Result Venture). I developed market strategies for e-commerce firms and other startups in the Internet sector and also managed contacts with VC investors. Among other things, I worked with the market strategy for the US based VoIP operator PhoneFree (a predecessor to Skype).

At TeliaSonera I was responsible for Competitive Intelligence for the business area Infomedia, which at that time encompassed their New Media and Convergence businesses. I also worked for the HQ and my role was to identify weak signals from emerging threats and new Business Models in the TMT sector.

Before Skype was even launched I advised Skype founder Zennstrom and pointed out weaknesses in their first business model (which they abandoned before market launch).

In an industry research project with, among others, Ericsson and KTH as partners, I developed a product concept for a wireless broadband access point with an innovative new business model (long before the term femtocell was introduced for this concept).

As a doctoral candidate at Stockholm School of Economics, I developed a model for convergence in the IT/Telecom sector in a dissertation project with a study of the convergence between the mobile phone and the PDA. The project model builds on Long-Wave Theory and how new General Purpose Technologies (GPT) form Industry Life Cycles spanning up to a century. This is a powerful model that can be used to predict the fundamental long term processes that propel the development of the economy.

I have an M.Sc. degree in engineering and a Licentiate of Economics degree, both from Linköping University.

Areas of competence:

  • strategy & innovation
  • startups
  • seed stage venture financing
  • business models, emerging technologies
  • market and competitive analysis
  • scenario planning
  • horizon scanning and future studies
  • socio-economic trends & consumer values
  • convergence
  • product innovations
  • disruptive innovations

Industry focus:

  • IT/telecom/mobile
  • Internet/media/social media
  • TMT/ICT/TIME sector
  • some experience in Cleantech & Medtech