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Finale at Startup

Last night the entrepreneurial training program Startup at STING/KTH Innovation had its finale with the thirteen selected teams presenting their business plans. The Startup program is a first step in starting your own company and you can apply even before you have a company set up. It is a way to test the viability of your idea before actually taking the big leap.

I think that the general level of the business plans was quite high. Some were built around potential breakthrough technologies, straight out of the research labs. A jury of investment managers from Industrifonden and Almi Invest named Johan Strömqvist och Evangelos Sisamakis, with a background from the research group in Experimental Biomolecular Physics at KTH as the winner and a 10,000 SEK cheque (€1,100). Congratulations! They have developed a method for screening pharma drug candidates that makes it possible to predict the likelihood that a drug candidate will be successful before clinical trials start.

The program started in October. We got excellent feedback from the participants; one business school student wrote that he learned more about running a business from the ten workshops at Startup than he did during his three years in business school. Thanks.

The next round of Startup is planned to start in April. You can apply here.

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