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The Google Phone coming out in January?

Google has the Midas touch and never fails – right? What if they made a Google Phone (gPhone?) and disrupted the global phone market? They already have a smartphone OS and aggressive plans for the market.

Rumors about a Google Phone have been floating around for some time but gained momentum yesterday with tweets claiming that Google employees had been given a test series of a HTC phone equipped with Android 2.1. Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt will give a keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress in 2010. Connect the dots? Yes, today Google confirmed.

Google launching their own smartphone is a significant move for this pure play internet and software company. However, I doubt that Google will be a serious threat to the major players in the market. Apple is already too entrenched as the smartphone market leader. Android is still immature compared to the iPhone OS. Nokia is unbeatable in the mass market of less advanced models. The major operators are wary about Google’s growing ambitions and will most likely be less than cooperative. Google might be best positioned to work with second tier and disruptive players such as 3. To sum up, a gphone is notable news but will most likely not overturn the industry – at least not in 2010.

Update: The phone will be called Nexus One and here is a picture (it looks exactly like a HTC Passion).

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