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Ahonen: “This is the golden age of mobile”

The mobile guru and former Nokia executive Tomi Ahonen has released his new book ‘The Insider’s Guide to Mobile‘ as a free ebook for download. It is an excellent overview of the mobile industry and mobile market opportunity. Its tech evangelism style can be slightly annoying but he presents rather compelling arguments to back up his claims. For example, that there are 3.7 billion unique users of mobile, almost twice […]

The end of the Palm saga

The company that managed to develop the first successful PDA in 1996, the Palm Pilot, is losing out in the battle for the smartphone market.

Palm didn’t have the resources to quickly match the iPhone, RIM, and Android. Palm’s own smartphone, the Pre, was late to market when it launched in June last year. The industry chatter before the launch viewed the Pre as Palm’s last chance to survive and a […]

The Google Phone coming out in January?

Google has the Midas touch and never fails – right? What if they made a Google Phone (gPhone?) and disrupted the global phone market? They already have a smartphone OS and aggressive plans for the market.

Rumors about a Google Phone have been floating around for some time but gained momentum yesterday with tweets claiming that Google employees had been given a test series of a HTC phone equipped with Android […]

Flawed design in Sony Ericsson’s Satio camera phone

Satio smartphone with camera

All mobile phone vendors hope to repeat the success of Apple with a new Jesus phone. Sony Ericsson’s candidate is Satio (previous working name Idou) and they are positioning the integrated 12 megapixel camera as the “killer app” that will lift Satio above the other smartphone competitors when it hits the shelves this fall.

Unfortunately, I think they have made a serious design mistake in their choice of […]

The missing function in mobile voicemail

Have the mobile operators overlooked how customers use the Forwarding To Voicemail function when a call is not answered? If someone calls your mobile and you don’t answer, the call is forwarded to your voicemail after a few rings. I find it very irritating that I can’t set the time to more than 30 seconds before the call is forwarded.

There are a number of situations where 30 seconds is simply […]

Net Neutrality: AT&T blocks unwanted traffic types in their mobile network

Many critics of the EU Telecom Package have feared that the principle of Net Neutrality will be undermined and abandoned. One example of this is TeliaSonera, which has blocked VoIP and P2P file sharing in their cheaper Swedish data plans Mobilsurf Bas and Mobilsurf Alltid.

In May, AT&T also limited their mobile data traffic. In their new user terms AT&T states that email access, mobile surfing, and intranet access is allowed. […]

The telcos’ dilemma: LTE or HSPA+ (deja vu 2002)

Will financially burdened telco operators postpone investments in the 4G technology LTE? This has been an ongoing topic within the industry for over a year. LTE provides the operators with higher capacity, spectral efficiency, and data rates but requires heavy investments in new infrastructure. The alternative is to settle for the 3G upgrade HSPA or to upgrade the installed networks with HSPA+ (“turbo 3G”). An investment in HSPA+ is both […]

Why did the vision for public W-Lan networks fail?

Today it is obvious that business models that are based on public Wlan networks will never live up to the hype from 2002-2004. The dramatic price pressure for mobile data via 3G/HSPA undermined the market for Wlan operators. The choice is easy between spotty Wlan coverage and comprehensive geographical service with a 3G dongle.

Other players within the industry can learn several important lessons from the relative failure of this business […]

Welcome to the English version of my blog

The WordPress plug-in for multi-language blogs I have been waiting for (WPML) is now reasonably stable and I can launch the blog in English. Sidebars, tagline and widgets are not yet adaptable for dual language versions but that will hopefully be fixed soon. To begin with, I will translate most of my Swedish posts and that will take some time. For future blog posts, my plan is to simultaneously publish […]